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What Should Men Do to Prepare for Divorce?

Men's Divorce Lawyer

While no one enters a marriage thinking that it’ll end, the sad fact is that many marriages will not succeed, and many men will experience the pain and stress of a divorce at some point in their lives. While the emotional impact can be immediate and devastating, it’s important to take some initial steps to protect yourself and your assets, and to make sure that your rights are being respected in during the difficult experience of a divorce.

Document Everything

If your ex’s lawyer decides to play hardball, you might end up needing to paint a thorough and convincing portrait of your marriage for the judge in order to counter the falsehoods and distortions that could be part of your ex’s legal strategy. It’ll help to have as much documentation as possible, including any police reports, receipts, old tax returns, and anything else you can use to fight for the truth during the court proceedings. Start taking detailed notes on every conversation you have with your ex or their attorney, and make sure to have specific dates and times for every interaction.

Take Inventory

You are entitled to half of your joint property, and you should make sure to take a thorough inventory of everything that was purchased during the marriage. It might seem tedious and heartbreaking to do it, but you’ll have a much better chance of getting your fair share if you take a detailed room-by-room inventory of everything you have.

Get an Attorney

Choosing the right men’s divorce attorney to guide you during the divorce is an extremely important decision, one that will have repercussions for your financial future for years to come. At Gerkin & Decker, PC, we have the expertise and the experience necessary to make sure your rights are respected. With proven legal strategies that have helped many men protect their assets, our legal team will be sure to fight for your best interest. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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