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3 Tips for a More Amicable Divorce

Men's Divorce Attorney

Divorce is often contentious, but it doesn’t always have to be. At Gerkin & Decker, PC., We specialize in working with men during the divorce process, and we have extensive experience handling all aspects of divorce, including alimony, child custody, and the division of assets. Over the years, our family law attorneys learned that even in the midst of conflict, husbands and wives can navigate through the divorce process amicably. If you’re getting ready for divorce, following these steps may help to make the process easier for both you, your spouse, and your children.

1. Be intentional about remembering the good times. Remember, the person that you are divorcing is the same person that you fell in love with. Yes, people can change for the good or for the bad, but many qualities that made the person so desirable to you long ago remain in him or her. A conscious effort to focus on these things can assist in an amicable divorce process.

2. While it might sound silly, make a commitment to following the Golden Rule. If both parties are purposeful about choosing words and actions carefully and treating their spouse the way that they would like to be treated, the process is not only smoother, it’s also a lot less stressful. This is an especially valuable approach to take when there are children involved.

3. Finally, it is advantageous when both parties embrace compromise and collaboration. Obviously, sacrifices must be made in terms of assets, but when spouses are deliberate about embracing compromise, the process is much less contentious. 

Spouses who agree to make a commitment to following these tips are often able to negotiate many of the terms of the divorce on their own, making the process quite amicable. Divorce is hard enough without additional stress and strife. The loss of a relationship and the disruption of a family can be a lot to handle. At Gerkin & Decker, we suggest that spouses embrace these tips while making a commitment to certain ground rules.

Whether you feel that your divorce will go smoothly, or you know that it will be a difficult battle, you can count on the attorneys at Gerkin & Decker. We’ve helped thousands of men in your shoes, and we’re ready to help you navigate the entire divorce process with success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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